Got those hunger vibes kickin' in?

Time to meet your taste buds' new BFF: NutriSnackers Special Crispy Crablets! These little delights are like a flavor explosion – crunchy, savory, and oh-so-addictive. Whether you're kickstarting your meal, turning them into the main event, or just satisfying those snack cravings. 🦀🔥👅

Savor the authentic flavor of our crablets and indulge in their true essence.

Original garlic flavor-135.00

Take a flavorful journey with our irresistible Nori Seaweed treat! 


 It’s a flavor-packed combo that’ll leave you craving for that extra “yum”!


creamy yummy yema flavor

Yema peanut

Introducing a unique culinary adventure: Yema Crablets with Peanut. Dive into a harmonious blend of sweet and savory, where the creamy yema meets the nutty goodness of peanuts. It’s a flavor pairing that’s simply irresistible! 🦀🥜🍬

Because Every Bite Deserves a Wow!


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Bucheron ..... 85.oo / 120.00

Ignite your taste buds with the bold and fiery kick of our Spicy Garlic Flavor Bucheron. Get ready for a  yummy  experience that combines the heat of spices with the savory allure of garlic. It’s a flavor fusion that will leave you craving for more!

chicken isaw ....75.00 / 120.00

It’s a fiery twist on a classic favorite, where tasty chicken meets the bold punch of garlic and spices. Get ready for a mouthwatering adventure that’s sure to satisfy your cravings!

chicken skin..... 85.00 / 120.00

A blend of heat and savory goodness, as the bold garlic meets the red-hot spices. 

Tasty & crunchy

best seller

Our “Best Seller” –  that has captured the hearts and taste buds of many. Experience the flavors that everyone is raving about!

our original flavor

A classic culinary experience that brings together the richness of garlic with a touch of authenticity.

Nori Seaweed Flavor

It’s a combination that delivers the perfect crunch paired with the savory essence of nori seaweed.

chili garlic paste

220 ml pure and authentic. Made with only the finest garlic and chili,  free from any additives – no flour, just pure ingredients

Natural and Authentic crab paste

No artificial additives or preservatives. crafted with care for your health and culinary pleasure. 220ml

yema crablets

Combine the creamy sweetness of yema with the satisfying crunch of crablets, creating a unique and delicious treat that’s sure to win over your taste buds.

chicken isaw

Filipino street food to the next level by combining the irresistible texture of crispiness with the authentic flavors of chicken and spices.


Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say in their own words:

The crispy and the garlic spicy flavor were the best! will buy again po! Salamat po sa freebies!
third p
Butcheron,Chili garlic paste, spicy crablets are my favorites , It satisfies all the cravings. The rich flavors at ang masarap na garlic flavor ! thank you po sa freebies!
alex jhan
I never thought I'd find the perfect balance of sweet and savory until I tried the Yema Crablets peanut. Nung una sabi ko weird haha😂 pero binigyan ako freebies na yema peanut to try, sarap nya pala 😊👌👍!
The plain flavored crispy crablets were awesome and then i tried the other flavors and it kept getting better! A must try guys! will buy again soon!! Thank you for the freebies!
ralphdon fortes
Free tote bag

5+1 free for 675.00 only

Get ready for a fantastic deal: “5 plus 1 free!” Enjoy the goodness of five items and receive an extra treat on us, absolutely free. It’s a great way to savor more of your favorites and experience that extra touch of yum without any extra cost!

avail now and get a free tote bag for every 599.00 purchase